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About Our Products

Sweet Bologna
Our Sweet Bologna is an old-fashioned Pennsylvania Dutch favorite, sweet and not too spicy. This product should keep for 1 -2 weeks in your refrigerator. To keep for longer periods of time, we recommend that you freeze it. Minimum of 20 lb.
Hillbilly Ring Bologna
A NEW twist on an old favorite! Hillbilly Ring Bologna comes in 3 different flavors: Plain, Cheese and Horseradish and Cheese. All flavors are made with 30% pork added. These bolognas will keep well for 7-10 days in standard refrigeration or even longer if frozen. Minimum of 10 lb.
Hunter Bologna
Hunter Bologna is a snack bologna much like summer sausage except it is more spicy. This product should keep in a refrigerator for approximately 2 weeks. Plain or w/cheese. Minimum of 10 lb.
Dried Venison
This product takes at least 8-10 weeks to be fully cured, smoked, and dried. The end result yields a product much like dried beef. We are sure the product is worth the wait. Minimum of 5 lb.
Deer Stix in Casings
We have 7 flavors of Deer Stix to offer: Sweet, Mild, Hot, Honey,  Sweet Teriyaki, Cracked Pepper, and Trail. Deer Stix make a great, nutritious snack anytime. Deer Stix should keep in your refrigerator for approximately 30 days. Plain or w/cheese. Minimum of 10 lb.
A Combination of Over 30 Specialty Items to Choose From!
Try Adding Bacon Pieces to Any Processed Item to Create an Explosion of Flavor!

We offer a whole-muscle jerky in 3 flavors  BBQ, Regular and Teriyaki. We can only use certain pieces of meat for this - hindquarter or loin meat. This product takes a lot of time to make, but the end result is very delicious! Minimum of 5lb.
Pressed Jerky
A great way to enjoy even more Jerky! This is a restructured product ground and pressed. We can make a 10 lb. batch or turn your whole deer into Jerky! There are 5 flavors: Original, Teriyaki, Hot & Spicy, and BBQ. Refrigeration is required. Minimum of 10 lb.
Deer Ham
A Naturally Smoked Ham from your own deer! What a delicious centerpiece for that special occasion! This product is either with the bone or without, and we can slice it or let it whole. Minimum is 1 hindquarter.
Hot Dogs
We are pleased to offer our very own Hot Dogs! Made with the highest quality ingredients and smoked in all-natural smoke, we are sure you will enjoy. Plain, Cheese, or Zesty. 10 lb. meat yields approximately 20 lb. Hot Dogs, due to pork trim and ingredients added. Keeps up to 2 weeks in refrigerator; freeze to retain freshness. Keep in mind that all hot dogs are billed on finished weight.
Deer Bacon
Choose from our Black Pepper or our Original deer bacon. This tasty product is great for breakfast, BLTs, or just plain. We use 50% deer meat and 50% pork to make a very tasty finished product. Minimum is 5 lb. deer plus 5 lb. pork which equals a 10lb. batch.
Deer Scrapple
We are offering our own recipe for Scrapple to be made from your deer! We do mix beef and pork with each batch.  Scrapple is made in mixed batches.